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    I read a lot of food blogs, food magazines and cookbooks, and watch a lot of cooking shows and Youtube channels. All of that information, though, can leave me a little paralyzed. If you don’t make something intricate or “epic” you can feel like what you’re eating isn’t up to par or isn’t share-worthy. Back when I started this blog, almost four years ago, I ended up not even cooking (or eating) at all because I felt so defeated when looking at others’ high level of work.

    Today, I’m happy that I feel so strongly the opposite of this. Food shouldn’t have to have chef-like perfection, Pinterest-worthy visuals, or Youtube “epic” intricacy to be nourishing to your mind & stomach. Instead, I think it’s important to celebrate our most everyday meals - so we’re sharing the meals we ate this past week. Read more…

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    Animal Fact of the Day

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    How cooking can change your life— According to Michael Pollan.


  4. "Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don’t have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up."
    — Amby Burfoot  (via isensearunner)

  5. sienna27:

    I’m very much enjoying the Endeavor series going right now on Masterpiece Mystery.  They take place in the 60s, but if you like Sherlock, (and obviously just generally British detective shows) you’d probably like this one.  The recurring characters are all very affable, and the story lines are intelligently woven.  Plus Shaun Evans is a cutie :)



  6. "Go home. Put your best record on. Loud as it’ll play. And with every note, you remember: that’s something that the darkness couldn’t take from you."
    — endeavor  (via okjanelle)
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    I am SICK and TIRED of people objecting to seeing women using their breasts for what they are actually for. BREASTFEEDING IS NOT VULGAR OR OBSCENE.

    I support breastfeeding all the way, even if it is in public.

    And the award winning one:



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  8. asylum-art:

    A Bonsai Tree in Space - Azuma Makoto

    Japanese artist Azuma Makoto recently ventured to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert (home of Burning Man) to launch a Japanese white pine bonsai into space. The artist also arranged a stunning bouquet with about 30 varieties of flowers from around the world and launched them into space as well. The project, entitled Exobiotanica, occurred on 15 July

    To accomplish the feat Makoto collaborated with Sacramento-based JP Aerospace, a volunteer-based organization that constructs and sends vessels into orbit. The team used helium balloons to launch the plants and the bonsai reached a height of 91,800 ft (27.98 km), while the bouquet topped out at 87,000 ft (26.51 km).

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    Charming Illustrated Cinemagraphs Reflect The Idyllic Mood Of Lazy Summer Days

    by Rebecca Mock 

    You can feel each one…

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